About Us

The idea of Polki and Pearl was conceived during lockdown when I was pregnant with my first baby. I was missing home along with the festivities & functions that are celebrated there with great exuberance and the travelling restrictions did not make it any easier. 
So, I resolved to come up with something that would bring me closer to my homeland even when I was oceans away from it. My dream finally materialised after months & months of sheer hard work & determination in form of Polki and Pearl! 
The nostalgia had led me to pay homage to my culture through the medium of jewellery with hopes of receiving love and support of others who are on the same boat as me- yearning for a whiff of our traditions and rituals! 
Naturally, I hold Polki and Pearl very dear to my heart as it reflects who I am, where I come from and my rich culture. But the best part is that it is a channel for everyone! 
The high quality, ethereal jewelry commemorates all events of our lives- be it a casual day out, the first day of work, a marriage ceremony, an eagerly awaited festival or any other occasion under the sky that holds importance to someone! 
Our exceptional designs are inspired from different cultures, styles and trends. All articles are carefully handpicked and offered at affordable prices.
We take great pride in showcasing the jewellery collection on our website as we give our 100% in exhibiting the real image of the product by not using any filters or effects on the pictures. This is because we believe that a customer should get what they actually liked and ordered.
We at Polki and Pearl believe in premium packaging and connecting with our customers as it also reflects who we are as a business and how much we care for our cutomers. 
Your orders make our day and we hope we can brighten yours by deleivering our package.